UPDATE (APRIL 11, 2018)

Bill S.302 must get through sub-committee before it gets to the main education committee chaired by our Representative Rita Allison.  Mrs. Raye Felder is the chair of that committee. Nation Ford and Fort Mill Bands are in charge of contacting her but it certainly won’t hurt for us to as well. Please let Rita Allison know you are in favor of this bill if you haven’t already. She is our state representative and was a graduate of James F. Byrnes HS.

Their contact information can be found here:

District Five Band Family,

If ever there was a time we need your help, THIS IS IT!  Bill S.302 that gives a unit of PE credit for marching band passed in the Senate with a unanimous vote!  Next Tuesday it will go to the House of Representatives Education K-12 Committee. Please let our state representative Rita Allison know that you favor this bill. She has served our district very well for many years!

Please call AND email her to share your support for bill S.302 (see the links at the bottom of this email for talking points and details)

Rita Allison 803-734-3053

We need EVERY band family to email and call- The more the better. PLEASE HELP!

Top 5 Talking Points

  1. S.302 passed the Senate on March 27, 2018 by a vote of 43 – 0.
  1. This legislation would not replace PE and simply incorporates the five standards of the South Carolina Standards for Physical Education curriculum into the marching band curriculum in order to qualify for the PE education credit in high school.
  1. Flexibility: Students earning PE credit from marching band would have additional flexibility with their academic schedule.
  1. VirtualSC: Many students currently take PE using VirtualSC and use the cardio regiment from marching band as their activity for this class. VirtualSC PE students are required to have a fitness sponsor monitor their physical activity for the duration of the course and in many cases band directors in SC are already serving in this capacity.
  1. FIFTEEN states that currently allow marching band to count as PE credit: Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio, Michigan, Oklahoma, Illinois, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and California.

This is a link to more information and all the details about this bill:


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