Region Band Updates

REGION BAND AUDITIONS at Greer HS Saturday Jan 20th



Example = Suzy Smith on JR Clarinet is schedule for 8:28am will now audition at 10:28am.

HOWEVER – any student scheduled at 7pm or AFTER should arrive at the scheduled time.  This will allow SCBDA to work kids in as best as possible.

IF student/parent is concerned with the conditions of the road, (early in the morning/or late in evening), please come during the middle of the day when you feel road conditions are safe- they will do their best to work them in.  Please be patient. Let’s all keep in mind that the band directors, coordinators and school officials are volunteering their time to make this event happen. Please be classy towards everyone!

DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO 9:30am!  The school will not open until 9:30am


 Please do not contact SCBDA with any questions or comments- we will provide you with all information as we receive it. Any questions should be directed at our staff and not SCBDA

Thank You for your patience and cooperation.

 The BHS band room will be open tomorrow from 2-6pm for students to pick up instruments and/or practice.  We will have printed copies of the audition tickets or you can print one from this link:

If you show up with this – you DON’T need to wait in the line at the door at region band- then you can go straight to your audition room and not have to wait

The band room will not be open Saturday morning- this will be the only time it is open so please work out plans to come by during this time if there is something you need to get.

Some Region band reminders:

Students were given audition materials last semester but if for some reason they have lost anything you can print the audition solo/scales/info from this link:

Students were given their audition time but if they lost the paper or forgot please email Mr. Bone:

While at Greer HS please as always keep it classy- Be nice to students and parents from others schools- take compliments and criticism with dignity and class and make sure you only have positive things to say to people. YOU represent all of district five when you participate in an event like this. You normally do wonderful so just a friendly reminder to always be classy.

DON’T wear yourself out in the warm up area- and play appropriate warm up material while in there

Sign in at your audition room about 20 min before your scheduled time (taking into consideration the 2 hour delay)

You may ask to play a couple of warm up notes before your audition- do so respectfully

Don’t play your instrument or make noice in the audition room hallways

DON’T CHICKEN OUT- every year there are students who would have made it if they had just shown up. Don’t chicken out. You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Best wishes to everyone at the auditions! GO REBELS!!!

2018 Winter Guard Auditions