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Serving the Students & Community of James F. Byrnes High School Band. Meet our team!

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Director of Bands

BRYAN BONE is in his fifth year as Director of Bands at James F. Byrnes High School in Duncan, South Carolina. Mr. Bone led the Rebel Regiment to the 2016 SC 5A State Championship, as well as the last five SC 5A Upper State Championships.

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Bone is the only director in state history to lead high school bands to the South Carolina state finals in all five classes (1A Ben Lippen, 2A Swansea, 3A Camden, 4A Berkeley, 5A Boiling Springs and Byrnes). His bands have won Upper/Lower State Championships eighteen of the last twenty years. Five of these years, his bands have won State Championships. The first state championship, won by Swansea in 1999, is the only time in SC history that a band was named state champions in their first year of qualifying for finals.

Early in his career, Bone had a successful marching band arranging business. He has written shows for bands across the southeast.  Bands performing his arrangements won state and local championships as well as qualifying for finals at Bands of America events.

Bone is currently the Director of Bands at James F. Byrnes High School located near Spartanburg, SC. Under his direction, Byrnes won the 2016 and 2018 State 5A Championships. Byrnes has also won the past eight Upper State 5A Championships.

Before moving to Byrnes, Bone was director of Boiling Springs, where they were very successful, winning five Upper State Championships. Boiling Springs also won their class and placed in the top five in BOA Regional competitions.

Bone is one of only two band directors from South Carolina to lead three different programs to BOA Regional Finals–Swansea, Boiling Springs, and Byrnes. In addition to marching band awards, his bands have earned consistent Superior ratings in Level VI symphonic band events. The James F. Byrnes Wind Ensemble was selected as a featured performer for the 2021 SCMEA Convention.

Bone is a member of Phi Beta Mu, NAfME, SCMEA, SCBDA, Alpha Phi Omega and Kappa Kappa Psi. He has earned the National Band Association Certificate of Merit eight times. Mr. Bone and his wife, Shanna, have two sons, Dawson and Caden. They reside in Spartanburg, SC where both sons attend District Five Schools.

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