Who is participating in SnapRaise?

  • ALL Competition band members (no matter what grade)
  • ALL 9-12th grade Football Band Members
  • 8th graders who are only in football band will NOT participate in Snap Raise (you will be doing yours with FCMS and DRHMS Bands soon)
The only 8th graders participating are the ones in competition band.
PARENTS WE NEED YOUR HELP- many of our students don’t have any emails entered. Please help them find 20 emails (or at least some) For Snapraise to give us a larger cut of the profit, enough students need to have 20 emails.
Suggestions of emails you could enter:
  • Neighborhood friends
  • Church friends and staff
  • Teachers and administrators
  • Former teachers and classmates
  • Family members- no matter what state they live in
  • Any random person in your email addresses
  • It doesn’t even have to be people you know
I literally just went through my email addresses and copied 43 emails for my son this morning. Some of them were people I haven’t talked to in years- it doesn’t matter- SnapRaise gives us 80% of the profit instead of 70% if we have enough students with 20 emails.
This is OUR BIGGEST FUNDRAISER OF THE YEAR– Please do your part to help! Instructions are attached for any competition band (or 9-12th grade football band members) that didn’t get to enter them in class today. 9-12th grade football band members will enter theirs in class Thursday morning. This is the EASIEST fundraiser ever…nothing to deliver- all you have to do is enter emails!
Wando has raised over $50,000 so far and Dobyns-Bennett has raised $74,000 in theirs. We need everyone to help for us to raise as much as the other top BOA schools in the Southeast!!!
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