Senior Night info

Each Senior gets two free tickets from the athletic dept. – That is all we get. Please do not ask for more tickets. These will be given to Seniors after practice Thursday. Anyone else will need to purchase tickets to get in.
What to wear:
There is no requirement. Most people in the past have worn nice casual. There will be people in blue jeans and hoodies and then some people like to wear dress clothes. It’s totally up to you and what you are comfortable wearing.
How many people can stand with each senior?
We ask that you keep this between 1-4 total. If there is a special situation, Please email Mr Bone at:
Info form:
This form needs to be filled out by 7pm Thursday. If we don’t have this form by 7pm. Thurs, just the Seniors name will be read over the speaker.
This form cannot be changed once it has been submitted. There are over 55 football/cheer/dance/band seniors being recognized so it will get super confusing if everyone is trying to make changes at the last second.
When and where to meet?
Meet your Senior band member in the end zone closest to the field house (opposite end of the field from the jumbo-tron) at 6:30pm before the game. We will go in alphabetical order. We will have a staff member with a list to help get everyone in the right order. The recognition ceremony will begin approx 6:45pm
A request:
Please don’t make Senior night complicated. Thank You
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