Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does it cost to participate in the Marching Band?

  • Band Fee – $100 (due at school registration).  Checks to ‘James F. Byrnes High School.’
  • Band Shoes – $40 (most returning members already have these).
  • Band Trip – $350. In 2017, the band is traveling to the Bands of America Grand National Championships. This trip is mandatory.

**Find all information, including payment schedule, in the Band Handbook.

*** Color Guard and Percussion students have some additional expenses.  Their instructor will provide this information.

What are the requirements to participate in the Rebel Regiment Marching Band?

The band handbook and other information is all on this site.  The handbook can probably answer most questions.  To view the handbook, click the button below.

What Is the difference between concert, symphonic, and marching band?

There are currently three symphonic/concert bands at James F. Byrnes High School.  These bands perform concerts during the year and usually require a few after school rehearsals.  We have many students who participate in these concert/symphonic bands that are not in the Rebel Regiment Marching Band.

Symphonic Honors Band plays college level music and is honors level credit.

Symphonic Band (also called Concert Band) is for 10th-12th grade students and performs high school level music.  This band does not receive honors credit, but does receive elective credit and is a good stepping stone en route to being in the Symphonic Honors Band.

9th Grade Band is a Concert Band for all 9th grade students, whether they are in Marching Band, or not.

Marching Band performs at football games, competitions, and parades. There are classes available both semesters for all band students.  Most all students in the Marching Band also participate in Symphonic/Concert bands, however, this is not required.

Does the band practice all summer?

No.  View our calendar for the schedule as well as the 2017 Tentative Schedule.

When does the band practice after school?

We practice after school from late August until the last competition, which is usually the first Saturday in November.   After the last competition, we practice periodically to support football performances and parades.

See the band and guard calendars to get a feel for our schedule. Each group–winds, percussion, and guard–normally has an afternoon off during the week to allow for rest, extra school work, appointments, etc.

Will students be able to participate in athletics and band?

We encourage students to follow their dreams and the passion of their heart–band and sports.  Several of our students participate in both activities.

Usually the answer is ‘yes,’ depending on the sport and coaches’ willingness to work with us.  We have even had students play varsity football and participate in band, so this is possible.  Winter and spring sports usually do not conflict with marching band participation.

Football Fridays, Symphonious Saturdays for Byrnes’ Crate

Will students be able to participate in ROTC and band?

Yes, absolutely!  We have a ton of students who are in both of these outstanding activities.  In fact, they complement each other rather well.

Will we need to buy a new instrument for marching band?

In most cases, no.  The school provides any marching band specific instruments, such as marching brass and percussion.  The school also provides low reeds and double reeds.

How does my 9th grader get to the high school for class?

The high school has a ninth grade academy separate from the main campus. All ninth grade band members are brought over to the high school by buses.

Is there an email newsletter, or how can I stay informed?

There are several ways to stay in the loop.

  1. Make sure your email address is on file with us.  Update your family’s contact info via Charms Office.  If you’re not sure how to access Charms, mail us at
  2. Bookmark us.  We update our website frequently with newsletters, calendar and schedules, forms, events, and fundraisers.  Our easy navigation provides quick access to all.
  3. Join the Facebook pages–Student Page, Parent Page, and Public Page.

Oh…Mr. Bone does send information home via the old-fashioned paper route, as well!  Talk to your student!

What does ‘RBBC’ stand for?

“Rebel Band Booster Club.”  This is the band booster organization that supports our band program.

How do I get involved in the Booster Club?

We would love for you to join our Booster Club.  Information on joining our Booster Club can be found on our Boosters page under Resources & Information.

Where do I get a Rebel Regiment giant magnet for my car?

Just join the Booster Club!

Where can I buy Rebel Regiment merchandise?

Gear up! Visit the Rebel Regiment secure online storefront for our merchandise.

What if I have a new question?

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please send your question to or use the attached contact form on the sidebar page of this form.

We’ll review the question, respond, and maybe post the answer here for others to view.

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