Goodbye Charms, Hello Cut Time!

The James F. Byrnes Rebel Regiment is excited to announce the transition from Charms Office to a new system called Cut Time. This software product was created by the same company that supplies software to Drum Corp International as well as most DCI teams. Cut Time will be an important resource for both current parents and students. To begin with, We will be using Cut Time for financial obligations, volunteer opportunities, communications, and for contact information such as addresses, phone numbers and email. More features may be rolled out later in the year. 

What is Cut Time?

In 2017, J.W. Pepper launched Cut Time®, a powerful online group management tool for music directors and parent booster groups. Cut Time helps directors manage their music programs through a modern, efficient interface, cutting the time it takes to handle the large amount of administrative tasks teachers are faced with. And, being built for mobile use as well as use on other devices, a director has access to their program wherever they go and whenever they need it.

Current Parents and Students:

Do you want to receive emails and texts from the band with critical information about performances, schedule changes and emergency updates? During Marching Band Season, communication is essential. In the past, we have emailed last minute updates to parents that had signed up with changes to arrival times and special situations like storm delays or cancellations. This communication is vital and we do not want you to be disconnected and left in the dark. Verify your information or sign up today!


​If you’ve already filled out your 2021 band forms, you are likely already set up in Cut Time. You need to confirm your email, cell phone number, and mobile carrier. Without the mobile carrier, no text messages will be sent. 

What do I need to do?

You should be receiving an invitation to join Cut Time via email. When you receive this email, click the link to create a password and join. 

When you’ve logged in, check the following information in your account 

  • Your Name and address are correct in your profile. 
  • Email and phone number (including mobile carrier) is correct. 
  • Click on your student and check that your student’s name, birthday, and grade is correct. 
  • Phone numbers and email addresses are correct. 
  • Payments you’ve made are correct (click on View Full Details)
  • Please be sure to make any changes to your account to be sure we have the current and correct information. 
  • Please let us know if there is something on your account that it will not allow you to change by sending an email to us at

What if I didn’t receive an email?

If you think we already have your contact information, start here.

Go to Cut Time Login page:

Click “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the instructions.

Note: When you save the screen, it will require a birthday. We do not need your birthday, just enter 01/01/1980. The birthday tells Cut Time whether you’re a child or an adult then adjusts what features the account has access to use.

If you tried the previous step and did not receive an email or you’re unsure whether you’re setup, please send us an email at