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Congratulations to Our 2018 Rebel Regiment Drum Majors

Connor Whaley (Center) Auburn Collins Annsley Schwab Carley Willis (Backfield)

Welcome, Mr. Eric Bell!

We are very excited to announce that we have a newly added band director to the District Five team. Mr. Eric Bell will be joining us this fall. He will be teaching at Florence Chapel, D.R. Hill and assisting with the Rebel Regiment. Eric was himself a member of the Rebel Regiment and was Drum […]

2018-2019 Color Guard

Please see below for 2018-2019 Byrnes Rebel Regiment Color Guard Roster.       1 Morgan Bridges V 12 2 Sarah Katherine Byrd V 12 3 Joscelyn Gallego V 12 4 Claire Levasseur V 12 5 Rachel Nelson V 12 6 Kylee Orr V 12 7 Angela Rogers V 12 8 Angelica Rogers V 12 […]

Vote YES for S.302

TIME TO DRIVE TO 65! CONGRATULATIONS! S.302 PASSED THE HOUSE EDUCATION COMMITTEE 15-2! We are one step closer to the finish line, but it’s not over yet!! S.302 now moves to the House Floor. The current word is that it will not be taken up until next Tuesday. We will let you know if we hear anything different. […]

RR Band Reminders April 2018



UPDATE (APRIL 11, 2018) Bill S.302 must get through sub-committee before it gets to the main education committee chaired by our Representative Rita Allison.  Mrs. Raye Felder is the chair of that committee. Nation Ford and Fort Mill Bands are in charge of contacting her but it certainly won’t hurt for us to as well. […]