Director of Color Guard

Phillip brings an array of world class experience to the James F. Byrnes visual and guard programs. He is a graduate of James F. Byrnes High School and was a member of the ‘Rebel Regiment’ and Byrnes “Indigo” from 2002-2006. After high school, he was a member of several DCI and WGI performing units:  ‘The Cast’ Winterguard in 2007 & 2008; ‘Carolina Crown’ Drum Corps from 2008-2010; ‘Crown Guard’ Winterguard in 2009 & 2010; and ‘Pride of Cincinnati’ Winterguard in 2012. He also performed with the ‘Pride of Cincinnati Dance Ensemble’ in 2014.


Additionally, Phillip has directed several high school programs in South Carolina and Indiana: Chapman High School from 2006-2008; Mauldin High School from 2008-2012; and Greenfield-Central High School (Indiana) from 2012-2015. Furthermore, Phillip has also been on staff with his alumnus corps ‘Carolina Crown’ in 2014, and has been a guest instructor with other high school and Independent Guard programs throughout the Midwest and Southeast regions. 


Phillip currently resides in Greenville, SC, serves as a Supervisor at RS Hospitality outside of color guard duties, and loves to spend time with his seven year old nephew, Quinten.