D5 Private Lessons

We are starting a NEW private lesson program in District 5. This is designed for students who have not been taking lessons. If you already take private lessons we encourage you to stick with your current teacher.

The attached flyer has the information. 9-12th grade students may ONLY sign up for lessons with a professional level teacher (6 lessons for $120)
5-8th graders may sign up for lessons with a professional for the $20 rate OR high school student for $10 per lesson (6 lessons for $60) We will be asking some of our top high school students to be teachers for this program.

Private lessons are key to taking our program to the next level. Most band classes have between 60-80 students in them. There is no way to provide the individual attention needed in a group that size. Private lessons help you have a mentor and also get the individual help to make you a top notch musician.

Here is an article about the importance of private lessons: https://banddirectorstalkshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Benefits_of_Private_Lessons.pdf

Send in this form¬†with a check and a staff member will contact you to set up lessons. It’s as easy as that!

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