COVID-19 guidelines for band

Greetings Everyone,

The attached file is the phase one COVID-19 guidelines for band. Our guidelines are in line with athletics and have been approved by the school district. Please make sure you are familiar with these before attending any indoor band events from now until July 1st. This is just phase one. We will have another set of guidelines for phase two which will start in July.
The band room will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-9pm for private lessons, individual and small group practice (Starting June 16th). Color guard and percussion may also have some rehearsals at other times. Their staff will provide information about any up-coming rehearsals.
Let’s all do a good job of following these guidelines so no one gets sick. The better we do with this, the better our chances of having a normal marching band season.
Mr. Bone
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