Booster Club Meeting Minutes – 5/7/2024

Minutes from the last meeting – Alison Graham / Ashley Wright
Minutes were approved! 
President – Kelly Watson
Introduction of new members
New Google Folder for officers – shared folder put everything in the folder 
New GroupMe for Officers- make sure to join
Contracts for next season – Possible raise for Mr. Cohen
We need to make contracts for people who work with the band that are not on staff from BHS. 
Typically guard and tech people who work with the band. 
Cohen didn’t ask for the raise but he works 5 days a week and Indigo placed nationally 
$100 a month raise – we voted and everyone agreed
Headlines graphics are ready for shirts and posters
Designs are ready and we can start making posters and shirts, get out and preorder shirts before band camp starts
Will order show posters at August 
Chattanooga/Conway Trip Updates
Chattanooga and Conway we are going to spend two nights – leave on Friday and come back Sunday
Two options for hotels – Westin or two hotels right beside each other with parking lot in between – we will go with two hotels 
280.00 a kid
Conway – Oceanfront hotel – Sunday can go on beach 
210.00 a child 
Total for both trips – 117,600 for kids – does not include charter buses 
238 members this year 
Blue Ribbons for Bone
Wear ribbons on Friday for concerts

Band Operations Chair – Angela Barnett / Jessica Dismukes & Jessica Clements
Water donation from Ingles
Once a week all summer –  600 bottles a week
Lauren Youngblood and Ginger will go pick up and drop off each week 
Amber Adams and Jennifer Burger worked ALL DAY on Saturday and cleaned out the uniform room to make room for new uniforms
Old uniforms will be moved to storage – school budget sells them to sit until they sell 
Amber will be measuring for new uniforms on May 13, 14, & 16
Shoes cost 42.00 and we will charge 50.00 
Football kids will cover their shoes 

Communications Chair – Lindsay Rosillo / Sara Thimmes
New website is up and running
Liam started our new webpage
Kelly will Message Liam to update the booster to this years booster, add treasurer emails and make sure email links work for the directors and double check spelling of names (Allison should be Alison Graham)
New FB Parent Page
Decline if don’t answer questions or if you don’t have someone in the band 
Keep everything positive! 
Cut Time 
Find parent emails and phone numbers 
Lindsay needs to show people how to use cut time
Need admin rights for cut time

Transportation and Props – Michael Seigler
Props for Headlines
Have some information for props and will meet with team to get ideas
Stage built professionally and we will use front drops and backdrops
Have stuff around Sept. when they practice 
Still waiting to hear of approval from the Board for truck wrap
We will have some band storage in the new stadium visitor locker rooms 

Development Chair – Sara Bunner / Donnie Bryant 
Donnie Bryant is deciding if he will chair
Sponsorship Letters and Levels have been made 
Split this up with leadership team from band and they will go and talk to the businesses 
Give sticker to places that give?
Will also do logos on back of student show shirts
Pictures for senior banners will be taken in the summer when uniforms come in. We will set up a couple of dates in (hopefully) July
Zaxby’s reached out and wanted a partnership with us – Moss and Kelly will meet with them next week 

Treasures for Band – Marie Scott & Mamye Gardner / Heather Johns & Jessica Moore
Still taken in fall payments and some region band
Outstanding fall fees – 4,000 
Paid guard and will go back to band account 
PayPal surcharge? Talked of the possibility of using Zelle in the future because they have no charges 
Treasurer for Guard – Stacey Stokes / Amanda Goodfellow
All instructors paid for Winter season
All invoices are paid 
Setup Quickbooks for guard program to align with band 
Credit card will be inactive as of May 23, 2024 
Expect to receive scholarship notifications in fall from Jared Hembree for winners of Miss Byrnes Pageant in 2023 & 2024. Amounts shared previously. 

Guard Operations – Chris Borke / Alison Graham
Orders for Accessories

Ways and Means Chair – Amanda and Luke Dobson / Amy Parham
Cookie and Popcorn Sale update 
* Closed, waiting on delivery date from Emily
* We had a total fundraiser of $6106, no profit reported yet
Car Wash
*We have enough materials, not enough registered parents
*PickUp can be at the stadium, drop off? 
Need to start getting more hoses 
Concessions cleaning update
*Fridge and Freezer is marked and will be moved to SCC
*Storage for Uniforms? What all has to be stored? 
10×20 – $169 a month, 10×30 – $279 a month
*Propane tanks were all moved this week by Touchdown Club
*Coolers, Water – could we still move out materials on May 14th – 
move guard stuff on 14th 
Push moneydolly to September
Plan for Parent Meeting on Monday, May 13
School Fee – Jennifer Kelly, Kelly Watson
Competition Fee – Marie, Mamye, Heather, Jessica Moore
Merchandise – Dobsons, Amy Parham
Guard – Alison & Amanda 
Booster Club Membership – Cammie Bowen, Sherry Santana

Director’s Report – Moss, Padgett, Mabrey
Headlines Updates
Big things are coming! 
Parent Handbook – created and will be shared at Parent Meeting
We paid back nearly 38,000 dollars owed to school and we are much better. Dealing with Winterguard but we made big strides in paying back and did big things! 
We are paying for the new tops that cost 31,000 from Booster account 
District will pay us TOB, concessions and Meet the RR – we are asking for 50,000 to 60,000

Dates for Upcoming Meetings 
Officers – July 9 (come if you are in town) 
Officers – Aug. 6 Members – Aug 13
Officers – Sept. 10 Members – Sept 17
Officers – Oct. 8 Members – Oct. 15
Officers – Nov. 12 Members – Nov. 19
(Google Meets) (Online Report) 
Officers – Jan 7 Members – Jan. 14
(Google Meets) (Online Report) 
Officers – Feb. 4 Members – Feb. 11
(Google Meets) (Online Report) 
Officers – March 4 Members – March 11 
Officers – April 15 Members – April 22 
Officers – May 6 

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