5A State Week 2019 – Spectator info

Please Note: IRMO has a clear bag policy in their stadium. IRMO will have bags available for sale, but it is easier if you come with a clear bag already.  The clear bag policy APPLIES TO ALL SPECTATORS!!! 
There is no charge for parking for the 5A Contest.  We do have some handicapped parking reserved in the front of the school, but those spaces are limited.  Once parking in front of and across the street from Irmo High School are full, we will have a shuttle running from Irmo Middle School, CrossRoads Intermediate School, and Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church.  All of these are within walking distance to the stadium, but the shuttle is available as a convenience.  Please note that there is a clear bag policy in the stadium for paid spectators entering through the ticket gate.


5A 2019 – 3 – Concessions Menu

5A 2019 – 3 – Directions to Irmo High School

5A 2019 – 3 – Irmo High School Facility – Parking Map